Talkin‘ Politics & Religion Without Killin‘ Each Other

Joe Trippi and Mike Madrid, one of the best Democratic and one of the best Republican strategists on the state of our democracy, the 2022 Midterms and beyond

October 9, 2022

If you're a political junkie like me, this conversation will knock your socks off! Joe Trippi and Mike Madrid, one long time Democratic strategist, one long time Republican strategist discuss how DEMOCRACY IS ON THE BALLOT (and how 67% of BOTH Republicans and Democrats believe this). We also get into how candidates who have huge scandals (clears throat... did someone say "Herschel Walker"?) are able to stay in their races (and sometimes even get a bump!); what a "Bannon line" voter is and how to win them; where the real tossup races are in the House and Senate; what happened to the party that used to stand up to Russia that's now an extension of Putin's propoganda operation; what the most important hidden metric is that no one is paying attention to (Hint: It's neither the generic ballot nor presidential approval); what the best political strategists in the country are doing at this stage of the campaign; and much, much more!

Many know Joe Trippi from his excellent podcast, That Trippi Show. Joe’s been running political campaigns at every level in U.S. politics and even internationally, starting in city politics in Northern California and then jumping into the big leagues on Ted Kennedy’s campaign for the Democratic nomination for President in 1980. Joe’s also been involved in some groundbreaking “bottom up” strategies along the way like when he ran Governor Howard Dean’s grassroots presidential campaign in 2004. More recently, he helped Doug Jones, a Democrat, win the Alabama Senate seat, the first Democrat to get elected to the Senate in Alabama in decades. Joe has also joined Lincoln Project to "build a pro-democracy coalition."

Mike Madrid is a national political strategist, an expert in demographics and Latino politics. Mike’s academic work on Latino politics became the foundation for groundbreaking communications and outreach strategies in California, Texas, Florida and nationwide. Later, Mike was a co-founder of the Lincoln Project which played a significant part in defeating Donald Trump. Mike also lectures on race, class and partisanship at USC and he’s a regular contributor on one of our favorite programs Politicology with Ron Steslow. He is the co-host of the excellent and timely podcast The Latino Vote along with Chuck Rocha. Mike also hosts the program Mike Drop on the CallIn app which is then released as a podcast. And most notably, Mike Madrid is the first guest ever to score a hat trick on the TP&R pod!

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