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The Latino Vote with Mike Madrid and Chuck Rocha (Part 2): 1 Republican, 1 Democrat, national strategists agree on something!

April 13, 2022

Here's Part 2 of our conversation with Chuck Rocha and Mike Madrid, picking up where we left off. In Part 1, we had a chance to talk with Chuck, who's best known for running Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign and then getting out the vote in the critical state of Nevada in the general election for Biden. In this part of the conversation Mike Madrid, co-founder of the Lincoln Project, jumps in to offer his thoughts about what both parties are getting wrong in terms of understanding and reaching Latino voters. And yes, the terms "Latinx" does come up! We also talk about why 1 Republican and 1 Democrat, both national strategists, often adversaries on campaigns, would come together to collaborate on their excellent new podcast THE LATINO VOTE.

Mike Madrid is a national political strategist, an expert in demographics and Latino voters. Mike’s academic work on Latino politics became the foundation for groundbreaking communications and outreach strategies in California, Texas, Florida and nationwide. Later, Mike was a co-founder of the Lincoln Project which played a significant part in defeating Donald Trump. Mike also lectures on race, class and partisanship at USC. 

Chuck Rocha became National Political Director of the United Steel Workers of America at 29 and was also the first person of color hired to that position. In 2010, Chuck founded Solidarity Strategies, a nonprofit and political consulting firm built on diversity, inclusion and mentorship opportunities for the next generation of minority professionals. He went on to advise on both Bernie Sanders campaigns and is the first Latino to run a presidential campaign.

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