Talkin‘ Politics & Religion Without Killin‘ Each Other

Can Millenials save Conservatism from populist nationalism, the alt-right and Trumpism? Let’s ask Josh Lewis of SAVING ELEPHANTS

February 21, 2022

Josh Lewis is concerned about the problems of "...the loneliness epidemic and loss of genuine community, a rapidly changing job market that threatens our ability to earn a living, nearly insurmountable debt, and growing polarization," among others. Josh also believes conservatism provides a cogent framework to address these issues effectively. Unfortunately, the word conservative has been co-opted by many who are not conservative at all including the alt-right, Christian nationalists and "a cult of personality that surrounds Donald Trump."

That's why Josh started the Saving Elephants Blog and the Saving Elephants Podcast several years ago. The podcast and blog serve as a platform devoted to saving the Republican party as it faces the twin threats of demagoguery from within and looming extinction at the hands of demographic trends from without. The mission is to ensure true conservatism not only survives but thrives in the 21st century. But first, it has to be reclaimed from those who've hijacked the label.

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