Talkin‘ Politics & Religion Without Killin‘ Each Other

Douglas Johnston, ”The Father of Faith-based Diplomacy”

November 15, 2021

Known as “the Father of Faith-based Diplomacy,” Douglas Johnston has been in the room with such figures as Henry Kissinger and Robert McNamara, and experienced coming under fire from extremists while trying to negotiate peace in the Middle East. Doug is the Pres. Emeritus and Founder of the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy. He is the author of numerous books on faith and diplomacy, most recently an in-depth memoir, Mountaintops and Mai Tais. He is also a graduate of the Naval Academy and holds a Masters and PhD from Harvard Univ. He has served in senior positions in government, the military and the private sector, including six years at Harvard where he taught int’l. affairs and was founding director of the university's Exec. Program in Nat’l. and Int’l. Security.

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